I started photography when I was in high school. I would photograph school events and I created an “end of the year” slideshow for the entire student assembly. Hearing the excitement of the students and staff while the slideshow was playing, I knew at that moment I was hooked and wanted this same enthusiasm to carry over into all aspects of life moments.

While I was in college I was too broke to afford a nice camera. After graduating from college, I immediately purchased my first “professional” camera. I was excited. As family and friends request to photograph them increased, I decided to work for a lab at the Marriott hotel and gained experience photographing golf and corporate events. This led me to open a studio on a high end prestigious shopping center and I began to photograph weddings and portraitures. I closed my studio to work for a professional lab to gain more experience in darkroom knowledge, color printing, hand tinting, copy work, mounting and framing. I am thankful for that experience. It made me a better photographer and strengthen my technical skills. I returned to the studio and worked 3 years with the magazine, Palm Springs Life. I learned to photograph fashion, food, products, architecture, scenics, and editorials. While at the magazine I had all access to a darkroom, computers, editing and retouching software, and scanning equipment. I learned photoshop 3.0. Yup! That’s right, you heard it correctly. I have worked years in photoshop and know the program well. I also pursued sports photography and photographed Nascar, Indy, CART circuit, and PGA Golf. At the time It was a very competitive male business and I was the only female photographer. I loved the competition and helped propel me into a stronger photographer.

I am thankful my work has been published in numerous publications and I’ve been able to travel the world photographing amazing people and wonderful events. With a vast array of knowledge in all aspects of photography, I decided I love photographing weddings, portraitures, maternity, families, and newborns. From engagements to babies to growing families, I love capturing the progression of life! This is the best part about my work. Everyone has a unique special story to tell and I get to help you preserve them through photographs. I want to capture YOUR story.